Guided by an emotional approach, Berlin based studio onformative constantly searches for new forms of creative expression. Through an experimental practice they create meaningful digital art works to question the relationship between humans, technology and nature. Their outcomes and interpretations take on varying forms across media through self-initiated and commissioned works that range from interactive media installations, generative visuals to data-driven artworks. Works by onformative have been exhibited across Europe as well as in North America, Australia and Asia.


Urban Luminance Series, 2023
by onformative

The ever-evolving dance of light and shadow within a city’s architectural panorama sets the stage for our ‘Urban Luminance Series’. Drawing inspiration from global metropolises, especially the dynamic cityscapes of Singapore, the series delves into the intricate interplay of sunlight, neon, and reflective surfaces, casting the urban environment in new, transformative lights.

Each piece is meticulously crafted to mirror the transitions from day to night, evoking distinct moods tied to specific times of day – the warm, serene embrace of noon, the contemplative coolness of evening, and the electrifying vibrancy of night. The “Noon” collection channels the bold intensity of midday sun, while “Evening” harnesses the poetic interlude of twilight, and “Night” pulsates with the neon heartbeat of the city after dark.

The ‘Urban Luminance Series’ not only captures the tangible, but also delves deep into the intangible—exploring the emotional resonance of light’s reflections and refractions on architectural marvels. At its heart, the series is a celebration of the urban architectural environment, portraying cities not just as conglomerations of buildings, but as living, breathing entities illuminated by the dynamic play of light.