Diverse Soundscapes at HighHouse

Step into the electrifying world of soundscapes and beats, where every pulse and synth wave can tell a story and bring people together. HighHouse brings you to a memorable experience with music that will shape your days. Come on in as we take you on an auditory journey that goes beyond the limit of genres.

Good Music for Better Days

It’s awe-inspiring how music can build bridges and spark interesting conversations with people. It goes beyond beat and rhythm and helps create meaningful relationships. With the goal of having the ultimate setting to establish connections and memorable gatherings, HighHouse curates the perfect blend of music, food, and fun. 

Our venue features a progressive soundscape by renowned and emerging music selectors from Singapore and beyond for local and international guests who are always on the lookout for good music.

Good Music for Better Days

Our music programming will chart auditory journeys that align with the genres of the night. Guests will experience a distinct musical voyage each day. Here’s what you can look forward to:

• R&B/Hip-Hop Wednesdays

o Taste: The classics

• Disco Dance Thursdays

o Taste: Disco, not Diva. Roots, but Fresh.

• House, Trance, and Techno Fridays and Saturdays

o Taste: Progressive, Melodic, Jackin, Bouncin, Uplifting, Euphoric

Our music programming starts at 11 pm to 3 am—each day with a good balance of fun, friendly, and forward-thinking sounds. That is why we base our choice of DJ pairings according to each other’s range.

HighHouse also curates a unique playlist for each dining service aimed to match the desired atmosphere for the diners. If you want access to our selection of vibes across all days and timings, we have a public Spotify playlist, which we regularly update for you.

Experience an Immersive Soundscape Like No Other

Beyond the melodies and beats, music can create beautiful connections with oneself and with others. This is the experience we want you to have at HighHouse. Whether you’re up for nostalgic feels or want to keep the night fun, we have just the right music for you. Feel free to contact us to learn more about HighHouse and the experience and services we offer. You may also make your reservation here.