Drink and Dine: Find the Perfect Pairings at HighHouse

Great drinks, good food—this is what we bring to you at HighHouse, your home to a distinctive blend of bar and restaurant services. At HighHouse, you’ll embark on a culinary voyage like no other, where dining and having a drink becomes an exquisite art form.

Finding the Harmony of Food and Drink

It has been known that the right beverage can elevate your dining experience, whether it’s a bottle of beer, a can of soda, or a glass of fresh juice. But have you tried pairing your food with cocktails? Well, we’ve got a few secrets to share for that. 

Pairing cocktails with food is quite easy. For one, you need to find a drink that balances the food you eat; a taste that complements the dish, something that does not overpower. Matching the food and drink based on its country of origin can also work. 

While there are no wrong pairings at HighHouse, you can always ask our team for recommendations to make the most of your experience.

A Fusion of Flavours from Land to Sea

HighHouse offers a diverse selection of dishes that transports you on a memorable journey of cultures and dishes from all over South America, Oceania, and beyond. Our menu items are inspired by the communities and flavours that thrive where land meets the sea.

This Is Where Culinary Craftsmanship Meets Liquid Artistry

HighHouse’s Executive Chef, Sam Chin, brings Mod Pan-Asian cuisine to the forefront. With over 10 years of experience in modern European cuisine and the culinary landscape, Sam has mastered the craft of cooking unique menu items. He draws on flavours from around the Pacific Coast to bring small and large sharing plates of a wide range of sumptuous dishes to the table.

After enjoying Sam’s culinary masterpiece, have some of Jay Gray’s signature cocktails—all created with the best ingredients originating in the Pacific Coast. Jay of Sago House is our award-winning bar specialist who brings a bespoke cocktail menu to HighHouse.

Mod Pan-Asian Menu with Flavours of the Pacific Coast

Sam exhibits his culinary excellence with the tantalising menu grounded in the flavours and cultures of the Pacific Coast. The must-try dishes include Seafood Kokoda Ceviche, Whole Spanish Dover Sole with Homemade Chai Poh, and Sakura Pork Belly in Massaman Curry served with Sticky Rice. Check out our full list for more of these masterpieces of a flavour combination you’ve never imagined. 

As you savour the flavours of our sharing plate, Jay brings cocktail concepts that feature one-of- a-kind themes, such as “Asiatic Exploration” and “Sin-ulacra.” Asiatic Exploration delves into the spices, flora and fauna of the 11 regions in Southeast Asia, while Sin-ulacra best represents the blend of tradition and modernity. Clarified Pisco Punch with Key Lime Foam and Super Umami Martini are just some of the beverages you’ll surely love.

Your Culinary Adventure Awaits!

We’ve already prepared the plates; the glasses are ready. Now, we need you to complete the picture. Join us in this culinary adventure for an unforgettable dining experience. Feel free to browse our menu to see more of what’s waiting for you. Book your table here.