Must-Try Signature Cocktails and Drinks at HighHouse

Indulge in a symphony of flavours in every glass with HighHouse’s exquisite selection of must-try experiential and signature draught cocktails.   

At HighHouse, we believe that a great drink can elevate your dining experience and bring people together. So, whether you are celebrating a special occasion or just want to feel refreshed, we have something special for you.

Cocktails: A Quick Look into the Past 

Ever wondered who first thought of mixing spirits and juices to make cocktails?  

Cocktail lovers have Jerry Thomas to thank—an American bartender believed to have pioneered the popularisation of cocktails throughout the United States. His book, The Bartender’s Guide,  where he shared his in-depth knowledge of blending different drinks and turning them into a  masterpiece, led to the increasing popularity of cocktail-making in the 1860s.  

As years go by, people have enjoyed many different versions of cocktails, each carefully crafted to match specific tastes. As such, this constant evolution of bartending is highlighted at  HighHouse, where we bring you a distinctive blend of drinks.

Introducing Signature Drinks by Jay Gray 

Our beverage menu by Jay Gray is a journey inspired by the Pacific Coast, perfectly complementing the culinary creations of Executive Chef Sam Chin.

Meet Jay Gray 

Jay Gray has long established his name in Singapore’s bar industry and is now a founder and  CEO of Sago House. Being in the game for years, he has gained recognition from all over the world, clinching the 49th spot on Asia’s 50 Best Bars and the 51st on The World’s Best Bars list  in 2022.   

As a beverage consultant to HighHouse, he has taken his creations up a notch—crafting  experiences that transport you to the heart of the Pacific Coast.

A Culinary Adventure in Every Sip 

Jay Gray has curated the bespoke menu at HighHouse with the ingredients’ origins in mind. In  every glass, you can experience the essence of the Pacific Coast, meeting the vibrant cultures of  Asia. He utilises sophisticated culinary techniques to compound flavour profiles into delicious  cocktails on draught.

Experiential and Signature Draught Cocktails 

The HighHouse drink menu contains a unique mix and selection of beverages that you can enjoy as a loose drink or by the bottle. When you step in at HighHouse, here are Jay’s masterpieces  you can’t afford to miss:

Clarified Pisco Punch with Key Lime Foam 

Transport your taste buds to the shores of Peru with this delightful concoction. A perfect blend of sweet, sour, and bitter flavours, this drink combines the elegance of Pisco with the zesty kick of key lime foam.

Super Umami Martini 

This drink brings you the umami-rich flavours of Japan, a martini you’ve never had before! It is a  fusion of culinary techniques and premium ingredients to bring you a unique blend of beverages.