Transcend Into a Magnificent World of Art at HighHouse

Creatives express their work through different forms of art—some with digital artwork, others by manipulating art. As you traverse the world of HighHouse, you’ll see creativity shown in unique ways. 

In the heart of a fascinating building lies an even more stunning space where you can step into a world where creativity knows no bounds. Bear witness to HighHouse’s featured artworks by people renowned in the industry.

Bringing the Best Experience for Every Guest

HighHouse is more than just your usual bar and restaurant place. It houses a harmonious convergence of the finest experiences for every guest—the burst of flavours, the rhythm of music, and the colours of each art form—all intersect to create an unparalleled journey for you.

Aside from enjoying our exquisite dishes, signature cocktails, and beautiful soundscapes, HighHouse also adds a layer of visual delight to your visit.

A World of Creativity and Wonder

HighHouse is a haven for art enthusiasts. With our spectacular 14-metre x 3-metre digital screen, we will take you into a magical world of immersive digital artworks that complement our nightly music programming. 

HighHouse also brings you to an artistic transformation from the light-filled daytime to the fascinating violet hours at sundown—all thanks to the precise spatial planning of Matthew Shang Design Office (MSDO), a hospitality-focused international interior design consultancy office.

Art, Artists and The Artling

HighHouse is a perfect playground for art enthusiasts. It has a visionary art curation, introducing a dynamic ensemble of both emerging and established artists around the globe brought together by The Artling.

Eugenie Kawabata

Eugenie Kawabata is a Melbourne-based designer who specialises in furniture and functional art. Her creative inspiration stems from how a design can transform and shape the way we interact with the physical world. With that, her designs primarily highlight the tactile experience of crafting objects.

Willem van Weeghel

Focusing on a different form of visual art, Willem van Weeghel introduces movement to art with his kinetic creations. He expresses his work through the movement of objects controlled by an integrated computer system, in which spectators can only see the result but not the process.


Berlin digital art and design studio, onformative, introduces new forms of meaningful artworks through experimental practice. Since its foundation by Julia Laub and Cedric Kiefer in 2010, the studio has continued to evolve and refine itself with its team of creatives with distinct international backgrounds and disciplines.

Explore the Colours and Hues in HighHouse

People’s expressions of art vary because we draw inspiration from different things. While some artists are inspired by the ordinary things in this world, others get their creativity with innovation in mind. This is what you can expect at HighHouse—where you can see art expressed in forms you can’t even imagine. Here, you’ll always have something new to look forward to with every visit. 

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