Eugenie Kawabata

Eugenie Kawabata is an independent, Melbourne-based designer and maker of objects, furniture and functional art. Eugenie draws inspiration from the transformative power of design and how it can shape and enhance our interactions with the physical world. Her approach to design centres on the tactile experience of crafting objects, emphasising the design process as a hands-on endeavour. Eugenie’s practice is at the intersection of art and design, with an emphasis and a strong commitment to sustainability. Her design works are primarily one-of-a-kind pieces and limited editions.


Botanica Exotica (#6, #9, #2, #7, #8), 2023
By Eugenie Kawabata
Fabric, resin, acrylic paint, mixed media, alloy gold leaf
Dimensions vary

‘Botanica Exotica’ is a showcase of jewel-like vessels, inspired by the lush plant life of Melbourne’s botanical gardens. These pieces reflect the rich tapestry and intricate interplay of colours and textures found in the natural world; and with this collection, we step into a world of exoticism, each piece offering a captivating glimpse into the botanical domain.

Now, in 2023, Kawabata has taken her creative vision to new heights with a collection that bursts with vibrant colours, intriguing textures, and a refreshing playfulness that underlies the complexity of these individual works. In ‘Botanica Exotica’, Kawabata continues to breathe new life into discarded materials by transforming them into canvases for a bricolage of botanical musings.