Viet Ha Tran


Wall of Nature III, 2019
by Viet Ha Tran
C-Print on Dibond
88 (H) x 132 (W) cm
Edition of 7

Wall of Nature III’ is part of the photographic series Wall of Nature (2019-2023) by artist Viet Ha Tran that takes cue of the vertical garden in Madrid, one of the world’s lushest living walls. The photographs from Wall of Nature unfold like stills from a psychedelic daydream, flooding the frame with strong and powerful colors. Over 250 individual species are represented in a mass of over 15,000 plants for the miniature oasis. The pattern of colors is a fascinating combination of art, architecture and botany. The resulting shots are like stills from a daydream, where reality converges with the artist’s inner world.

The artistic photographs of Wall of Nature, through showing a beautiful, impressionistic image of nature, aims to increase public awareness of protecting the environment and the green living spaces, which is key to the future of the coming generations.