Aldrin & Fred E

Date 21Jun 2024
Time 10pm – 2am
21 Jun

One of Singapore’s biggest DJ exports to date, Aldrin has been at the forefront of the local nightlife since the turn of the millennium while flying the country’s flag to all corners of the globe, including clubbing capitals like Ibiza, Berlin, London, New York and Miami. With a strong following for his underground sounds via his signature ONE nights, Aldrin’s versatility also sees him comfortably straddling a Pop-infused House and Disco soundtrack for the more mainstream crowd, besides anchoring the long-standing Mambo Jambo 80s night at Zouk. Aldrin’s tasteful selections have also made him the choice DJ for luxury brands like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Dior, to name but a few. An icon in the industry, Aldrin is one DJ that never disappoints!


Fred E is a luminary deeply embedded in the roots of underground house music, with a musical journey that traces back to the mid-nineties. His unwavering passion for music has not only stood the test of time but has evolved into an unstoppable force. From the resonant beats of Chicago to the cutting-edge sounds of Berlin and the euphoric melodies of Holland, Fred E has woven a sonic tapestry that reflects a relentless commitment to innovation and musical evolution.