Fred E & Paulina Impala

Date 29Jun 2024
Time 10pm – 2am
29 Jun

Fred E is a luminary deeply embedded in the roots of underground house music, with a musical journey that traces back to the mid-nineties. His unwavering passion for music has not only stood the test of time but has evolved into an unstoppable force. From the resonant beats of Chicago to the cutting-edge sounds of Berlin and the euphoric melodies of Holland, Fred E has woven a sonic tapestry that reflects a relentless commitment to innovation and musical evolution.


Paulina is an electronic music producer, DJ and a sound engineer with over 20 years of experience in electronic music. This encompasses DJ-ing and more recently music production and audio engineering. She was always able to capture the attention of the dance floor, by delivering the freshest sounds with contagious joy and passion. After having spent more than twenty years saturating her ears in ever-evolving electronic music , Paulina has an innate understanding of the genre and its sub genres. This path inevitably led her to production of her own work and sound engineering in general. Solo or in collaboration with other artists, she is dedicated to refining and expanding her body of work that includes everything from the dance floor tracks to soundtracks for video games and guided meditations.