MinGs & Shaun Nocturnals

Date 28Jun 2024
Time 10pm – 2am
28 Jun

With a fascination for music since his younger days with the Chinese Orchestra, an introduction to the art of deejaying by a friend in year 2011 was enough to completely captivate him. MINGS was also fortunate to be under the tutelage of DJ Sunzone, one of the best DJs in Bangkok, whereby acquiring knowledge in music production. After emerging top 8 in the Sentosa DJ Spinoff competition in the year 2016, MINGS became one of the proud member of AOS COLLECTIVE, a leading DJ collective in Asia.


Co-Founder Of Therapy Room, Shaun Nocturnals has been known for his unique spin on the music since 1998. His journey has seen him progress from a Hip Hop DJ to become a very well established House and Techno DJ internationally.


Starting with small scale events, Shaun Nocturnals has developed his skills and techniques into spinning and organising large events, such as club theme parties, launches and high end fashion shows. This has all been possible due to his determination and ever-growing love for the art of music. His mesmerising tunes and hard hitting beats have not only captured the attention of locals in Singapore, he is constantly on demand on dance floors all around Asia and Europe.