Date 04Jul 2024
Time 10pm – 2am
04 Jul

Formerly known as DJ More, Moreish has evolved, maturing in both sound and presence. A self-admitted beard-stroking vinyl snob, Moreish identifies as genre-fluid, effortlessly blending house, techno, and breaks into sets that captivate and energize. With a distinctive flair for chunky, driving bounce, Moreish crafts an auditory journey that lets people know the party has arrived.


Based in Singapore, Moreish has left a significant mark on the Asian club scene. He has graced the decks of major clubs such as Zouk, Headquarters, and was a regular headliner at Kilo Lounge. His festival credentials include multiple years at Wonderfruit and Neon Lights, showcasing his versatility and appeal across diverse audiences.


With a history of playing at the biggest venues and festivals across the region, Moreish continues to push boundaries, taking listeners on an unforgettable musical adventure. He still clings to the motto: “Moderation is for cowards” but has clearly shown that evolution is for the brave.